We support American Veterans 

The owners of Bluegrass Country German Shepherds are proud to support American Veterans, Millitary Personnel, Police and First Responders. To show our appreciation Bluegrass Country German Shepherds offers a 10% discount to the forementioned American Heroes, verification of eligibility required. In addition we will "DONATE" one AKC registered German Shepherd puppy from each litter to a veteran, first responder, or active service member.


Pictured is our "A" litter donation AJA with his handler Walter Belden. Walter Belden is a disabled USMC Vietnam veteran. Walter and AJA have been training with Duffy's Dog training facilities in Jeffersonville Indiana since AJA was 4 months old. Walter and AJA were accepted by Dogs Helping Heroes to continue AJA's training as a mobility service dog. AJA obtained his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) title and has since completed his training as a mobility assistance service dog.  

Our current list of donated puppies include:

"A" litter (2) = AJA (Certified Mobility Assistance Service Dog) 

                       Archer (Medical Alert Service Dog)

"B" litter (2) = Belle and Bravo

"C" Litter (1) = Cooper

"D" Litter (1) = To Be Determined


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